Amblin Software develops and sells quality business software to automate office tasks as well as reduce business compliance costs. Being a small company with low overheads we are able to give you the tools of business at a fraction of the cost.

BixBox by  Amblin is the world's best value accounting software. Includes Exports/Imports, Fixed Assets and a Point of Sale as well. It is multi-user, network ready and support is readily available.

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BizBox Accounting Software 3.0__________Bizbox Accounts aims to be the software of choice for small businesses everywhere. We have tried to keep it as generic as possible so that it could be used in many countries and in many situations. Should you need a customized feature that is not available, it may be incorporated in the next release so feel free to email us.

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1. An easy to navigate modular layout makes it easy to find the function you need.

2. Multi-user, multi-company and easily installed on a network or stand alone pc. You have an option to archive (snapshot) a company at month end for easy information retrieval.

3. Set up security levels per user and start up option to open the module of choice for that user.

4. Debtors Module has the usual functions like Invoicing, Credits, Journals, Receipts, Quotes & Orders. Multiple Delivery addresses and a 4 tier Special Pricing (Customer x Item, Customer x Item Group, Item x Customer Group & Item Group x Customer Group). You may also print or email statements and other reports.

5. Debtors sub-modules like Sales Analysis allows you to slice and dice summary information to give a clear indication of sales performance. Export Documentation allows for entry of shipping information so a commercial invoice can be produced.

6. Suppliers Module deals with Invoicing, Purchase Orders, Payments, Goods Received Notes, Journals and Goods Returns. Additional Charges can be attached to a shipment so that a true landed cost be calculated for the item. Purchase Analysis gives a summary view of buying performance.

7. Export your reports to 6 different formats including Printer, Excel, PDF, XML, TXT and HTML. Option to email PDF reports.

8. Inventory Module has functions such as Journals, Stocktakes and Reordering. Also caters for Serial/ Batch numbering, Bin numbers (Picklist printing), Barcodes and Label printing.

9. The General Ledger is integrated with the other modules and the distribution is set up through Customer & Supplier groups, Tax file and Inventory group.

10. Import Customers, Suppliers and Inventory codes from Excel .csv file

11. Export Customers, Suppliers, Stock items information to Excel .csv file

12. Banking Interface provides uploads from popular formats like CSV, OFX and Fixed Length. Tailored to avoid double ups and immediately reconcile. if G/L codes exist then the correct account is picked immediately else it goes to suspense and you can manually post it to the correct account. If it is a debtors receipt or a supplier payment it can be transferred and matched to the correct invoice.

13. Tax Type report makes it a breeze to do your periodic returns.

14. Bank Reconciliation is easy with Statement & Bank A/C updated in real time with simple tagging.

15. MS Office integration enables you to send your data exactly as it appears in the browse to Printer, or File (HTML, Excel, Word, CSV or PDF) or email it directly.

16. Data Path independence. The executable can be local & data on the server.

17. Mail merging to email or printer using MS Word and MS Outlook.

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